Saturday, March 15, 2008

Online Slots

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Travelling in Asia

Asia is generally divided into geographical regions for the purposes of many discussion, like any good discussion where to go on vacation. It is my dream to travel in different countries in Asia, especially in Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. I want to experience what my parents and some of my friends experienced before when they went on vacation. As a family, we have businesses online and offline and we find that it is all too easy to work 24/7. This is not good for anybody. We all need and deserve a vacation. As lovers, it is nice to take a vacation especially on your honeymoons or anniversaries. It is a way to relax from all the trails and misunderstnadings that you encounter for the past years that you have been together. Everybody needs a break! Planning to go on vacation?

Singapore is one of the place for vacation. The city's port is the busiest in the world and its sixty-three islands are very heavily traveled; as a result, accommodations from super-cheap to 5-star are readily available. Browse online for
cheap hotels in Singapore. There are lots of things to see and different dishes to taste. When it comes to arts and entertainment, they have a diverse mix of annual events ranging from local and international visual and performing arts events to delight one and all. There are not just English-language theatres in Singapore, but also Chinese language theatre groups such as Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble which produces international classics in Mandarin, as well as Malay and Tamil language theatre groups. Classical music fans can catch Singapore Symphony Orchestra in its weekly concerts at Esplanade. For a taste of Chinese music, check out the Singapore Chinese Orchestra's fortnightly series at the Singapore Conference Hall. For film fanatics, watch out for Singapore's biggest film event of the year - the Singapore International Film Festival, held in April every year. Ballet lovers can be treated to productions by Singapore Dance Theatre - Singapore's foremost ballet-based company. Die-hard fans will delight in their staple comedy feed with the regular monthly stand-ups in town. Looking for music in the city? Check out the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's weekly offerings which range from the classical to the contemporary. Performed at the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

Another place for a vacation is in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is considered to be one of the world's top tourist hotspots. It is the 22nd most populous city in the world. The city is a major economic and financial center of Southeast Asia and has one of the fastest rates in the world for construction of high rise buildings. A number of deluxe hotels can be found in Bangkok, such as the Peninsula Bangkok. For those who are out of budget, there are
cheap hotels in Bankok to look for. There are a variety of ways to enjoy Bangkok through the performing arts. Clubs featuring jazz and other live music line major districts of town. Chalerm Krung Theater and the National Theater have been in operation since the early 20th century whereas the newer Thailand Cultural Center hosts a variety of plays and events. The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and Bangkok Opera are gradually earning recognition among international critics and regularly host performances of international performers. There is also a large number of cafes, or nightclubs, which host comedy acts. Bangkok has dozens of cinema multiplexes, and the city hosts two major film festivals annually, the Bangkok International Film Festival and the World Film Festival of Bangkok. Many gossip and fashion magazines are also published in Bangkok. The arts in Bangkok have well developed almost exclusively and anonymously in the services of Theravada Buddhism since the golden age in Ayutthaya period and continuing to the present day by incorporating Western elements which is called the Rattanakosin or Bangkok style. Nowadays, modern art scene is centred around Bangkok as the capital of contemporary art in the region while, traditional art can be found in many commercial areas in the old city as well as temples and palaces throughout the city, there are a number of artists who prefer to live and work outside the metropolis.

Kula Lumpur, Malaysia is another place to stay for vacation. It is easily the largest city in the nation, possessing a population of over one and a half million people drawn from all of Malaysia's many ethnic group. Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding urban areas form the most industrialized and economically the fastest growing region in Malaysia. In short the city remains the economic and business center of the country. In fact the city is a center for finance, insurance, real estate, media and the arts in Malaysia. The tourism sector also plays an important part in the city’s economy, providing income, employment and expanding business opportunities. Kuala Lumpur has also developed into an international shopping destination with a wide variety of shopping centres and mega malls which carry well-known global and local brands. Conference tourism has also expanded in recent years and is becoming a very important component of the industry. Kuala Lumpur is a hub for cultural activities and events in Malaysia. Among the centres is the National Museum which is situated along the Mahameru Highway. Its collection comprises artifacts and paintings collected throughout the country. The premier performing arts venue is the Petronas Philharmonic Hall. The resident orchestra is the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), consisting of musicians from all over the world and features regular concerts, chamber concerts and traditional cultural performances. The National Art Gallery of Malaysia is located on Jalan Temerloh, off Jalan Tun Razak on a 5.67 hectare site neighbouring the National Theater (Istana Budaya) and National Library. The architecture of the gallery incorporates elements of traditional Malay architecture, as well as contemporary modern architecture. The National Art Gallery serves as a centre of excellence and trustee of the national art heritage. Kuala Lumpur holds the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival annually. Another event hosted annually by the city is the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, which includes international brands as well as local designers. If you want to stay in an inexpensive hotels, browse online for
cheap hotels in Kuala Lumpur.