Wednesday, February 26, 2014

baby is sick

It's been a while since my last entry after my father died. Thanks to all who condoled thru Facebook.

Just this February 25 around 4pm, we arrived home from the hospital. My daughter Raine was admitted last February 19. She vomited twice then had pneumonia and thank God that she does not have Dengue. Praying that she will recover fast here at home.  According to her Medical Certificate, the diagnosis was Pediatric Community Acquired Pneumonia III, Electrolyte Imbalance (Hyponatremia) and Secondary to Moderate-Severe Dehydration.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 DCHS Grand Alumni Homecoming

Last February 8, 2014 I attended our Grand Alumni Homecoming in our alma mater school hosted by DCHS Batch 1989. One of the hosts was GMA's local news anchor & also from the said batch Tek Ocampo. Sad to say that only 3 of us attended our batch. I really love theme because it was a Christian High School Musical, an alumni inter-batch song & dance competition. There were also raffle prizes. Minor prizes were Axis Watches, Gift Checks & TVOLUTION from PLDT, IPod Suffle and the Major prizes were IPad Mini & IPad Air. I was waiting and claiming that I will get the IPad Mini or IPad Air, but I guess it was not my time. It was nice to see familiar faces and former teachers, it was worth it!  See you all again next year and hoping that many of our batch will join.

The ticket with free dinner buffet and drinks.

With former teachers.

Only us 3 came from our batch.

medical coding training courses

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Goodbye, Father

Sad to say but that is life. My father died last January 22, 2014. We really thought his sickness was okay and thought that he could be discharge from the hospital but it made him worst. Aspiration Pneumonia was the main problem. It only started with dizziness then high blood pressure and mild stroke. The wake lasted only for 3 days, the burial was last January 25, 2014 at 9am. Thank you to friends and relatives who condole with us and God bless.

With my mom and brother.  Our youngest sibling was working abroad and cannot come due to lack of airfare.