Sunday, September 30, 2012

Work Again

Its been 3 months since hubby finished his contract on board. Now, he is back again to work but in a different vessel. He will not be celebrating Christmas, New Year, My birthday, my 2 daughter's birthday and our anniversary. But it is okay, that is life. We need sacrifices especially when it comes to finances. But good thing that we have communication using Facebook and Skype, that is technology.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wilmington NC real estate

It is really my dream to have our own home but where to get one? Wilmington, North Carolina offers an abundance of incredible communities for almost every lifestyle. Enjoy the small town living and modern conveniences that Jacksonville and Wilmington, NC real estate has to offer. The Wilmington NC Real Estate market has continued to remain stable despite the continued real estate slump in the rest of the country. Over the past decade, Wilmington North Carolina has become popular target for real estate investors, retirees and families relocating due to its growing economy, temperate climate, popular university, and beautiful coastline.