Friday, July 28, 2006


Hey guys & gals, how are you? Just want to share this to you where my churchmate read it dun sa Bible ko and we were so amazed. Swerte lng tayo kasi sa time natin ngayon we are all educated hindi gaya nung unang panahon. Well, just read below and comment. Thanks & God bless!

"Parents taught their children Bible Verses when they were still very young. They learned verses from the law and stories from the Old Testament.

When boys were five or six years old, they went to school. The leader of the synagogue taught them. For the first four years, they studied mostly the first five books of the Bible. By then they knew the laws of God very well. They also learned how to read and write Hebrew. For the next several years they studied other books of the Bible and other Jewish writings.

When a Jewish boy reached the age of twelve or thirteen, he was considered to be a man. The boy and his family and friends celebrated with a special ceremony and often a party. Most boys left school at this age.
Girls were taught at home to be wives and mothers. Most girls did not go to school or learn to read or write. By early adolescence many girls were married."

Saturday, July 22, 2006

gusto ko, pero...

another week has passed and so many things had happened. grabe, sobrang stress sa work as in. well, yan talaga ang buhay. i miss my hubby, i miss listening to bands sa mga bars, i miss watching concerts (wala kasi pera eh, hehehe). i want to see BLACK EYED PEAS & PUSSYCAT DOLLS pero nasa manila eh venue eh, sayang.

gusto ko mag-bakasyon pero sobrang mahal. gusto ko magpa-retoke pero delikado, joke lng...hehehe...gusto ko mag-abroad pero hintayin ko muna hubby ko, ahihihi...

gusto ko ng matulog pero ayaw ko pa kasi nawiwili ako mag net-surf at post ng forums, bleh... :p

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Online Friends

days has past at ngayon lang ako naka-post ulit. i've been busy also thinking what to post and been busy also thinking about my hubby, hehehe...

for the past few months, i've been visiting blogsites and websites and there i meet new friends online. my very first online friend was and will forever be my friend is LIN. hmpf...tama ba yung grammar ko?!? anyways, we've been friends since, hmmm...when was that LIN, 2003 or 2004??? well, it doesn't matter kung kelan as long as you have each other to communicate ok na yun, diba??? it's not important naman na magkasama, magkausap o nagkikita lagi eh. what's important is alam ninyong nasa puso nyo ang isa't-isa.

i'm also happy that is back again. nagka-problema kasi kaya ganun. i miss posting sa mga topics nila eh. i saw that link from LIN's site, hehehe...while wala pa ang PINAYTALK at yung AMIGOAS na site, i've been busy posting sa forum ng . it's a great site, the owner is an Amerasian kaya ang mga members are from different countries pero karamihan Pilipino, hahaha...

well, got to stop right here kasi medyo mataas na eh at baka mapagod kayo sa kakabasa at antukin pa, hahaha...

see you around, online friends

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


it's been a while since my last blog and now i'm here again ready for a new post. before i got married, i don't have work cuz i was preparing for my big day but still i was job-hunting at that time while preparing the said occassion. if wala ako magawa, may hobby ako and that's cross-stitiching. well, moody lng ako sa pag-gawa ng mga stitches kasi paminsan tinatamad ako. hindi ko na mabilang kung ilan na ang nagawa ko eh basta yung iba i gave as gifts and i have three displays dito sa house. below are some of my what i made and si Pooh yung pinaka-una ko ni ginawa:

haaay, na-miss ko na ang pagcross-stitch. pano, walang time kasi work ako eh.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

great movies

been wondering if what next movie will i watch. there are lot of new movies coming up and below are some:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Superman Returns

weeeeeee ganda ng SUPERMAN!

finally, nag-watch narin kami ng superman with my mom & dad! just arrived from sm eh, haaay...ang cute ni Brandon, grabe! ang cute din ng bata, biruin mo anak pala ni Superman yun! ahihihihi...yung si Richard na bf ni Loise Lane, si Scott pala yun ng X-men. in fairness, ang cute nya rin.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

manny "pacman" pacquiao

hello worl, magandang gabi. maigsi lng itong blog kasi wala akong maisip na iba, ahihihi...

ang araw na ito ay para sa mga champions at sila ay sina manny "pacman" pacquiao at ang tatlo pang boxers na nanalo sa Mano-a-Mano. mabuhay kayong lahat, weeeeeeeeeee... hindi man kami natuloy kahapon at ngayon sa pag-watch ng superman, ok lng kasi bukas kami manunuod.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1, 2006

today is Saturday, 1st day of July and it's the last day of work for this week. i'm just hoping na wala ako masyadong work load para makapag-relax naman ako kahit konte. it's not easy to seat for the whole day facing the computer kasi makakasira sa eyes mo. my mom always told me to stare sa mga light green colors for 15 minutes, i don't know why pero maybe to prevent from radiation. well, satuday night nanaman mamaya but for me, stay at home lng kasi no money eh. unless if somebody will tell me or text me, go ako but i will drink only 1 and that's ice tea kasi mas mura kaysa lady's drink pero fave ko talaga yung Tequila Sunrise kaya lang it's so mahal grabe. well, i'm planning to watch also Superman later with the whole family if not busy or either bukas after church. usually last full show kami kapag nanunuod ng sine kasi tapos na sa mga gawaing bahay or business.

yesterday during breaktime, i'm trying to edit my blogspot. kasi i've been trying to make my page nice and i can't do it. thanks to my friends Lin & Nona who helped me a lot. we communicate lng sa blogs eh, hehehe after i edited my blogspot, back to work nanaman ako. as usual, scan, email & encode nanaman. haaayyyy walang katapusang encode kasi namin lahat mga P.O. with Invoices & Vouchers na naka-attach at lahat yun i-encode mo including the corresponding numbers & check numbers. well, i just love my work.