Monday, December 24, 2012

Mika's School Christmas 2012

It was my daughter's 1st school Christmas party yesterday and she was excited to received gifts from classmates.

Mommies waiting for their kids' party to end.

mobile computer workstations

Nowadays, we are in to high technology from electronic, computers and many more. In computers, we usually put then on a table that can be purchased in the mall. Right now, you can get a mobile computer workstation that is easy and convenient to use. The Mobile Workstation is designed for maximum performance and the most demanding users. CAD/CAM designers, engineers, architects and designers who must frequently travel. With unrivaled power, unsurpassed features and unmatched style, the mobile computer workstation is the ultimate evolution of the desktop replacement notebook. Mobile computer workstations can also be use by engineers, doctors and even laboratories in medical works. You can browse online for mobile computer workstations. There, you get expert help to sort through the styles, options, and advantages of mobile laptop and computer computer workstation furniture from leading manufacturers. Choose from preconfigured mobile computer workstations with many optional accessories for a flexible design.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

videoke time

Had fun singing and laughing with dear mommies.

Until next year.... =)

bundle cigars

My dad is a smoker, I do not know when did he start smoking. My youngest brother is smoking too, maybe influenced by friends at school. Everybody knows that smoking is dangerous to you health, it can cause cancer and other diseases. Well, not for tobaccos. Long before all the research proved that it was dangerous to smoke, tobacco was actually used for medicinal purposes. Tobacco is also believed to be an aid in controlling weight. Well, if you buy tobacco buy it in bundles. You can buy bundle cigars at low prices. Bundled cigars are always a good way to go because when you buy in bulk you save. On the internet, they offer discount cigars, the best cigar prices, cigar deals, and cheapest cigar accessories and they guarantee 100% satisfaction! Give them a call and their customer service team is there to help you and will find a way to get you exactly what you are looking for.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Universe 2012


Congratulations, Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon for winning 1st runner-up in Miss Universe 2012 pageant.

Photo by:

real estate ocean isle beach

Real Estate is the best thing to have as an investment like in our country because it is one of the growing business in the country. Aside from the development and rising of tall buildings and establishment in the metropolitan area, nearby provinces are now on the stage of land development with its continuous expansion for horizontal development projects in the nearby provinces. In recent years, many economists have recognized that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investment in many developing countries. In most societies, rich and poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings. They say that if have the money, you can get cheap real estate abroad like in North Carolina. Finding the right home is no picnic. You can find real estate ocean isle beach including available foreclosure, bank owned, short sale, oceanfront, waterway, and canal homes and lots. View property located on the both the island and mainland.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

compared to 7 Belts

Saw this on Facebook:  

1 Knockout "CANNOT BE" 
compared to my 7 BELTS.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao-Marquez Fight 2012

I was disappointed when Manny Pacquiao lost the fight against Manuel Marquez.  Marquez won the fight via TKO in 6 rounds.

Photo: Kawawa naman si manny...  :-(

My heart was aching when I saw this on my Facebook wall.  :-(

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Stella Maris Clubhouse

Since my husband left for work abroad, I really miss him a lot.  Good thing there's internet connection, we can talk whenever there's wifi connection.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

wall fountain here

It is nice to live in a cool, comfy, peace and quiet place. Add beauty and give accent with a beautiful with wall water fountains to your home or office. I often see wall fountain here in our country.  You can choose kinds or types of wall fountain. There is a glass wall fountains that creates a very elegant look for any decor. Art wall fountains that are handcrafted with a stunning hand painted fine art image set in a copper frame. You can also create a unique look with a stone wall fountain, many styles and sizes. Create a contemporary look to any room with stainless steel wall fountains or enhance your tranquility with a garden wall fountain made of fiberglass with a weathered stone or sandstone finish. You can also personalize your wall fountain with a business logo, mission statement, name, or even a custom image. Wall fountains are easy to install: simply un-package, hang, fill with water, then turn them on. In an article I read, wall water features are a great addition to any home, office or garden. A beautiful focal point in any room or outdoor living space, a wall fountain becomes an elegant blend of art and atmosphere. An additional benefit is the ability to provide soothing water sounds without giving up valuable floor space.

Monday, November 05, 2012

krispy kreme

I went to the bank this afternoon around 1:30 PM.  Guess what???  The line was very long, so I need to wait for my turn to be served by the teller.  When my turn came, the teller told me that the amount in words and in numbers are different.  OMG!!!  I said, what the heck!!!  I told my mom that there is an error on the check.  After the bank, I went to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and ordered for take-out.


Worldwide, cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer in women. It is much less common in the United States because of the routine use of pap smears. Almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). A woman's sexual habits and patterns can increase her risk for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms at first, but later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina.  My friend told me that I should do pap smear every year but if my husband is far away from work, I should do it every 3 years. When the doctors do pap smear, they use coloscope. A colposcope is used to identify visible clues suggestive of abnormal tissue. It functions as a lighted binocular microscope to magnify the view of the cervix, vagina, and vulvar surface. This exam allows the health care provider to find problems that cannot be seen by the eye alone.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

Before the month ends, my daughter and I went to the mall for trick or treat.  My brother and his daughter was there also and my churchmate and her kids was also there to enjoy the event.  Not all stalls have candies for the kids to be given, only those who have banners that says "Trick or Treat" are allowed.  There are lot of kids with different costumes, my daughter's costume was a fairy same with her cousin.  Mika was very exhausting and very sleepy as well.

All Saints Day 2012

Early morning yesterday around 6am, we went to the cemetery with relatives and we had breakfast there.  Many are putting up tents as early as yesterday, October 31.  It was very hot!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

hp g60-630us notebook

When my husband arrived from his work abroad last 2009, he bought a laptop for me to use for our communication.  But after 1 year, the battery did not work anymore.  But that was okay because I can just plug the laptop in the outlet.  Just this year, the said laptop was crashed.  So, what we did was reformat the laptop.  Days after we reformat it, the screen went color blue twice!  So, I need to bring this again to the technician for back-job.  I hope it will be okay this time!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

tv mounts

Space is very important in the home. tv’s are no longer boxy and cumbersome as they used to be, due to their lighter weight it is now encouraged that you use tv mounts to fix them to your walls. This makes more room for other household items, keeps the tv in a secure location and allows easier viewing from a higher point, which in turn allows you to utilize the really big widescreen tv’s without having to make floor space for them. Television mounts come in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit your specific tv’s needs. Some are tailored more for the office or store front where multi-screen displays might be needed, whilst others come more suited for the home. Installation of tv mount and tv arms is fairly straight forward, only needing a screwdriver a few wall plugs and the mount itself. Instructions are provided to guide you through the process, but you can always hire somebody to install the tv mounts for you. I hope our flat screen tv can be mount on the wall so that we can easily move it to different directions.

A Secret Affair

After I accompanied my daughter to school, some mommies and I went to the mall to watch a movie in titled A Secret Affair. The said movie is a romance drama film and it is a love triangle story. Third party relationships is the trend in Philippine mainstream movies nowadays. A Secret Affair tackles the same theme about lies, temptations and rules in a relationship. The synopsis is this. Rafi (the wife) is happily committed to her lovely partner in life, Anton (the husband). She's a bachelorette from a rich family, who belongs to the "Friday Club", the regular get-together of her college friends. Rafi is an attention-getter because of her in and out beauty and impressive credentials. But one day, a major life decision shifts everyone's impression of her. Sam (the third-party), a rebellious, carefree and happy-go-lucky woman, who thinks that she can get away with her every dilemma. However, her perspectives turn 180 degrees when she meets the man who unexpectedly changes her life.

safety knives

Like everything else we might encounter, a knife can be potentially dangerous. As a sharp instrument designed for cutting or piercing, a knife can be particularly dangerous if it is misused or simply mishandled. Knives also are dangerous to children, keep it away from them. To prevent from hurting yourself, there are what they called safety knives that we can use for our own safety. In certain companies, safety knives and cutters protect workers from injury and also provide strength and stability. Using these safety knives are making cutting safe and easy. Safety knives and cutters are ideal for industrial or warehouse workers. If you buy one for home use, you can choose any color or design that you want. Safety Knives eliminate unnecessary knife related injuries in the workplace, reduce stock damage and improve productivity for its clients.

HK bag

I am really a BIG FAN of HELLO KITTY!  If only I can turn my own house to Hello Kitty, I will do.  But anyway, my point is that I love Hello Kitty so much.  If I have extra money, I will things that are shaped or have design of Hello Kitty.  In Facebook, I joined an online raffle betting.  Guess what????  I won the raffle and it is a Hello Kitty bag.  I am very happy, to the max!  Hope and wish that I will win the next raffle.  Below is the bag that I won.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

bronze bearings

My husband is a welder in a tanker ship.  Asides of being a welder, he also knows how to repair cars especially off-road rides.  When he finishes work, I always ask how does it go.  He usually answers that there is a certain bearing that is loose.  Well, I do not know that kind of problems that he fixes.  All I know that he is very good when it comes to cars.  So, to understand more of what is bearing, I search it on the internet. A bearing is any of various machine elements that constrain the relative motion between two or more parts to only the desired type of motion. This is typically to allow and promote free rotation around a fixed axis or free linear movement; it may also be to prevent any motion, such as by controlling the vectors of normal forces.  There are also different types of bearings.  These include ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, roller thrust bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings.  There are also what you call bronze bearings. A common plain bearing design utilizes a hardened and polished steel shaft and a softer bronze bushing. The bushing is replaced whenever it has worn too much.


I am so happy that there is a new Starbucks Coffee opening tomorrow at the newly opened mall in SM Lanang.


It is nice to have a garden in our house, it gives beauty to our surroundings.  Honestly speaking, I do not know how to manage plants/orchids in our garden.  That is why I am trying my best to learn how to manage and take care of it.  We can add beauty to a garden by putting statues, it adds character to a garden highlighting movement, color and character to a given space. Some of us wants decors during Christmas, nativity statues are a great idea which will fill the landscape to the home front. Regardless of what your interests are, statues offer a completeness to the garden sometimes imbibing a soul that is uniquely that of the owner. In an article I read, an empty garden is an empty place without a soul. A garden is a place of refuge, a place where one spends time to relax and enjoy without feeling the drag on the fast paced life that sometimes overwhelms us with modern living. Our garden statues and sculptures highlights beautiful suggestions that create movement and function to the garden as with large garden sculptures like our bird feeders and welcome statues.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I was worried because my daughter have a stye on her right eyelid, actually there are two of them. That is why I did not let her go to school because her eyes are red. A stye is an infection of the sebaceous glands of Zeis at the base of the eyelashes. They contain water and pus and the bacteria will spread if the stye is forcefully ruptured. Styes are commonly caused by the blocking of an oil gland at the base of the eyelash. It prevention is closely related to proper hygiene. Proper hand washing can not only reduce the risks of developing styes, but also all other types of infections. Application of a warm washcloth to the eyelids for five to ten minutes, three to six times a day, may be beneficial in decreasing the occurrence of styes by liquefying the contents of the oil glands of the eyelid and thereby preventing blockage.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

industrial shelving

Are you looking for a storage or cabinet for your industrial needs? Industrial Shelving has a large selection of steel shelving, storage cabinets, economy shelving systems and work benches. Online, they provide heavy duty storage shelving solutions: including metal shelving, steel shelving, industrial shelving, warehouse shelving and many more. Find industrial storage shelves in open, closed and pass-through styles to help make your facility safer and finding your company's products a snap. From warehouse to offices, hospitals to libraries and museums to retail outlets, they have the most complete and adjustable shelving range available. It is better that your workplace is organized than cluttered in order not to lose stuffs and not to be blamed by co-workers.

Cherokee uniforms

My brother works as a nurse in a known hospital here in our country and one of their uniforms are scrubs. All hospital staffs are using scrubs as their uniform and every department wears different colors or designs. Cherokee uniforms, it is favorite of healthcare workers since 1972 and it brings fashion, comfort, and quality to the functional apparel that gets you through the day. Buy cherokee scrubs, cherokee uniforms at discount prices. Cherokee scrubs are ideal for hospital or medical office personnel, they also offers fashionable scrub tops, scrub pants, and scrub jackets and it comes in a variety of the latest scrub styles and colors.  It is nice to wear scrubs that really suites you and much more comfortable.  At present, not only medical staffs wears scrubs.  As I observed some people, many are wearing scrub suits as their normal wardrobe.  

Iolo virus scanner

We are always using our computer and laptops for home use, talking to families and chatting with friends abroad. Every use of our computers/laptops can sometimes attract viruses that can harm the system and we do not know when will they attack. Viruses, worms, dangerous spyware, and other malicious software continue to increase in number and complexity and pose a high risk. These infections can wreak havoc by causing permanent computer damage, destroying data, and enabling identity theft like what happened to my laptop. That is why I let a friend reformat my laptop, too bad for my photos , videos and document files.  I will try to use iolo virus scanner to detect, block, and remove these malicious infections. The iolo AntiVirus solution offers real-time protection that runs continuously behind the scenes, with a minimal usage of system resources and no additional configuration needed. The iolo virus scanner can inspect your entire system (all memory, boot records, files, and folders) or it can just scan the files and folders that you specify. I guess I will try this antivirus to protect our system.

meet with inlaws

Finally, my daughter's exam for 2nd grading is done.  Met with my sister-inlaw yesterday after Mika's exam at Abreeza Mall.  Just ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy, and we saw our cousin-inlaw.

while waiting for my sister-inlaw

at Teriyaki Boy

after our lunch

cousins:  Vince, Thridy & Mika

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Work Again

Its been 3 months since hubby finished his contract on board. Now, he is back again to work but in a different vessel. He will not be celebrating Christmas, New Year, My birthday, my 2 daughter's birthday and our anniversary. But it is okay, that is life. We need sacrifices especially when it comes to finances. But good thing that we have communication using Facebook and Skype, that is technology.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wilmington NC real estate

It is really my dream to have our own home but where to get one? Wilmington, North Carolina offers an abundance of incredible communities for almost every lifestyle. Enjoy the small town living and modern conveniences that Jacksonville and Wilmington, NC real estate has to offer. The Wilmington NC Real Estate market has continued to remain stable despite the continued real estate slump in the rest of the country. Over the past decade, Wilmington North Carolina has become popular target for real estate investors, retirees and families relocating due to its growing economy, temperate climate, popular university, and beautiful coastline.

Friday, August 24, 2012

art supplies online

I know many have talents in different ways. Like me, I am more on the music side. I play the keyboard in our church, that is one of my talent. I do not know if I have more talents, I need to explore more. My daughter is in preschool, nursery to be specific. She loves draw and color. I want her to experience in arts too. My problem with arts is that sometimes it is a mess, but it is kinda exciting though. But what supplies do I need? You can purchase art supplies online with just a click of the mouse. Online, you will find the largest selection of discount fine art supplies at the lowest prices including canvas, brushes, paints, easels and many more. Anyone can really do art, from beginners up to professionals.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

cheap kitchen cabinets

My husband and I are married for 6 years with 2 daughters but still we stayed at my mother's house. It is really our dream to have our own home, to have our own bedroom, our own living room, own bathroom and own dining room and kitchen. To have our own home, need to canvass some furnitures to arrange inside. As for me, I want to start in the kitchen. We have plates, glasses, utensils, etc. as wedding gifts but we need to have kitchen cabinets to put them. But where do I find cheap kitchen cabinets? Online, kitchen cabinets wholesale store has a huge selection of discount kitchen cabinetry. In an article I read, finding cheap kitchen cabinets that are not "cheap" kitchen cabinets can be a challenge on a budget. Experts agree that cabinets can take up to 50% of your kitchen budget.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

baby Rain'es Dedication

This Saturday is the day! Baby Raine will be dedicated to the Lord! Preparations has been done, there are some things to be done like the tables, chairs and the spoon and forks. Baby Raine just turned 7 months old yesterday, she is getting heavier and prettier too.

I only have 5 godfathers and 5 godmothers. I only invited some immediate relatives, not all. It is because I do not have that enough budget.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

customized golf balls

Golf fanatics are now in control of how there golf ball can be made. Customized golf balls are the best for you and lifestyle. Giving you the freedom of choosing the right ball. These customized balls can give you the power of control, flight and high performance. Engineered to its purpose and extraordinary playability to help you reach your potential and can lead you to your goal. Customizing golf balls are perfect gifts for your clients and to those who are golf fanatics, order now by purchasing it online.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Mika goes to school

UPPA Baby Cruz

It is not easy to being a mother, you have to have patience to your child. When I gave birth to my daughters, my husband was not there because he works abroad. When my eldest was born, I did not buy any stroller until she turned around 5 to 6 months. It was very big to bring especially when we go to the malls. On my 2nd baby, I am using the same stroller but not that long. I just found out that there is a nice and durable brand of stroller that can be used, the UPPA Baby Cruz stroller. The UPPA Baby Cruz is a full-featured mid-weight stroller designed to be the ultimate city companion, it is easy to use. It has a full-size, reversing and reclining seat, Excellent push and steering, infant seat compatible and it has an extending sun visor with UV protection. This kind of stroller have different colors to choose from and it is the ideal combination of function and style. The UPPA Baby Cruz is only 21" wide and weighs only 18 lbs. Not like other stroller, it can be use from birth through toddler years.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

no physical life insurance

Life insurance is one of the greatest gift you will ever give your family. Life insurance is absolutely necessary for people who have dependents and need to think about securing their futures in their own absence. Requirements to receive life insurance will vary depending upon age, health, company you are applying with and amount of insurance. In general, the older you are and the more your health may be called into question, the more medical examinations will be necessary. But in no physical life insurance, there is no need to take a physical exam. You do not need to run from pillar to post as you can easily find it on the Internet, which has a host of insurers who want your business. Although a trifle expensive, a no physical life insurance has lots of options in the market these days because of insurance rates becoming economical. Then, if you have the money to get a no physical life insurance, go and get one now.

Monday, June 04, 2012

eb5 face cream

Are you conscious with you face lately? Having wrinkles, spots and uneven skin tone? Looking for the best anti-aging cream? There are many ways to prevent these kind of problems, use eb5 face cream. This eb5 face cream formula delivers rejuvenation remedies, it is fragrance free. All skin types may use eb5 face cream, it contains Vitamins E, B5 and A. It is highly concentrated, results can be noticed after the first application. For best results, apply in the morning after cleansing and toning. Repeat at night to allow eb5’s rejuvenation agents to treat your skin while you sleep. There are good feedbacks after they used this cream, some said for many years she had problems in acne. When used the cream, it already cleared up. Mostly said it works really fast. I want to recommend this to my friends who have this kind of problems, they may thank me for that.

ignite maxx side effects

There are ways in losing weight, purchase a supplement, surgery or do exercise. We all know that surgery is expensive and doing exercise is a long process, that is why many are buying diet pills for faster results. There are lot of diet pills that are coming out in the market but ignite maxx stands out because it is a breakthrough, an all-natural product that helps manage appetite, increases metabolism so that you can burn more calories and no upset stomach, irritation, or other side effects. You should also know the ignite maxx side effects before you purchase it, just for safety reasons. Ignite maxx burns up to 600 extra calories a day and 12 times more calories during, and up to two hours after. With over 30 years of research backing it, it is clinically proven to help reduce body fat.

concrete blades

It is nice to see different kinds of houses, sometimes I watch television shows or series for tips on how to decorate or to do interior design. I am not good in to arranging things, I need supervision. Usually when you have the money, you just need to choose designs and colors to blend with other decors inside the house. When it comes to outdoors, you will do the same thing but if there are excess especially in making walls, you need to cut them so that it will fit. When it comes to concrete, you will be needing concrete blades. Concrete blades are for cutting concrete, hard concrete, hard concrete with reinforced bar, block, brick, hard brick, pavers, clay pavers and field stones. Online, not only concrete blades are offered. There are also cutting blades for asphalt, stone, tile, cup and many more.a

Stetson Hat

I am not into hats but my dad have hats, he wants to collect them specially sports signature hats. I want to suggest to him to collect other hats like cowboy hats. There are lots of cowboy hats, it depends on the materials used. For men and women, the most well known hat in the world are Stetson Hats. I read an article online and it says that according to legend, Stetson invented the hat while on a hunting trip while showing his companions how he could make cloth out of fur without tanning. Stetson created a rugged hat for himself made from thick beaver felt. Stetson Hat company has been an icon of the American spirit and is founded in 1865. This cowboy hat is really in demand right now that is why due to high volume, made to order items are currently taking anywhere from 4-6 weeks for production. I wonder I they make a pink Stetson Hat, it is my favorite color. I love girly stuffs, especially girly colors.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

duncan yoyo

In my elementary days, I love to play yoyo. It is one of my past time, practicing how to do exhibitions. In a certain company that my parents worked, there are different design of yoyos that are introduced and we get to get one design every time they launches a new one. It is not that easy to use yoyo, you need a lot of practice. If you want to learn how, there are online sites that you can visit to watch some videos like Youtube and you can join some discussions thought forums. There are different shapes of yoyo: Imperial, Modified and butterfly. When you buy yoyo, choose duncan yoyo. Duncan yoyos are among best selling yoyos and you can find a wide range of models along with genuine Duncan parts and accessories.

plus size maternity clothes

I already have 2 beautiful and wonderful daughters, a 4 years old and a 5 months old. I do not know if I want to add more, but my husband wants a baby boy. Well, we cannot tell. In my pregnant days, good thing I am not a plus size mom because it is not that easy to find plus size maternity clothes. We know how hard it is for plus size mommies to find adorable and cute maternity clothes, that is why motherhood's full selection of plus size maternity clothes are now available online. Plus size maternity clothes have never been more stylish than now. Custom designs are also available and you can choose the right color and right design of fabric that you want.

click here

There are lots of obese people right now and the causes are when you get stressed from work or day to day routines, and if you are stressed you eat a lot and lack of exercise. These are just examples, there are so many reasons people are getting big. That is why in the medical work, there are lots of weight lose medicines that are coming out. Some can be purchase over the counter but it is better if we consult a doctor before you buy it. It is better to know the supplement facts when you buy a certain medicine. If you really want to lose weight, buy Apidextra it has recently made some formula changes, and they were concerned because the original formula was one of the best out there. For more details about the said capsule, click here for some reviews. Asides from all of these, it is better to do exercise and take care of your diet for longer life.

get free stuff

It turns out that you can get and do a lot of things in this world for free. How to get free stuff shows you how to tap into this secret market. From free magazines, to free yachts, to a free first class flight upgrade, this is your guide to the sweet life or even when you purchase a certain item. Like what I have experienced many time already. In a network communication center, I applied a postpaid plan. When I applied, it comes with a free cellphone but you need to use it for 2 years. After 2 years, if you want to continue with the plan you will get another cellphone unit for free. Most of the time, you will receive a get free stuff emails in your inbox but we do not know if they are scam or maybe spam because they bring virus to your computers/laptops. So, we mus be careful to what we click inside our emails. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sodalite Beads

In Facebook and Multiply sites, I saw online people make bracelets and necklaces and sell them. I was challenged in making them too. Well, it is not that easy especially when you use clay designs. It is hard, much better if I buy them wholesale and I will put it all together. Asides from clays, we can also use beads such as Sodalite Beads. It is my first time to encounter the word Sodalite, so I searched the internet about it. In an article, it says that Sodalite is a rich royal blue mineral widely enjoyed as an ornamental gemstone. This kind of gem have healing properties like it brings order and calmness to the mind, brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks, balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. I was amazed after reading this article, it has healing effect in our body. Cannot wait to have one.


I love to go home and relax in a comfy place, watching television or playing with the kids. I want to have this "sofa bed" type that I can sit or lie down. I just browse the right one, it is the daybed. Daybeds are used as beds as well for lounging, reclining and seating in common rooms. Curling up on a daybed with a good book or a favorite magazine is one of the joys of life. Napping away an hour or two is easy on this type of accent furniture. Their frames can be made out of wood, metal or a combination of wood and metal. Daybeds typically feature a back and sides and come in Twin Size but offer a range of bed prices to fit any budget. I want to get two daybeds for my two daughters, I love color pink. See the photo below, that kind of design I want for them.

fire pit

In my elementary days, I joined girl scout. That is the only time that I experienced a fire camp, singing songs and story telling. Well, it is easy to make fire using wood sticks than building fire pits. Fire pits have been in existence for a very long time and despite many technological advancements since the advent of man's use of fire, they have remained a popular item because of their versatility. It is nice to have a fire pit outdoors especially when you go camping. There are many methods of constructing fire pits, but basic options are described. Pre-made fire pits are the most common form of fire pits and can be purchased from a store while assembled fire pits are different from pre-made fire pits and because they are built according to an individual's wishes, these encompass a wider variety of styles and functions. It is to build a fire pit. First step is lay out the bricks, second is mark the pit location. Third step is create a level trench for the Blocks, fourth is fill the trench. Fifth step is lay and level the first course, sixth step is assemble the walls. The seventh step is to fill the pit and the last step is cap the blocks. You can also watch videos online for these easy steps.

rustic vanity

It is really my dream to have our own car, business and a house to stay with. At present, we still live in my parents house while my husband is working outside the country for 6 years already. Inside a home, it is normal for us to buy furniture in a department store. When it comes to decorating homes, you can choose from variety of ways and styles that are very unique like using woods. If you have a specific rustic vanity design in mind, can build exactly what you need. When you are into rustic vanity, you can use cedar logs, aspen logs, barn wood, montana log, lamberjack log, and many more. In bathrooms, choose the type of wood to match the theme of design and decor bathroom scale height, countertop and sink, finish, and price. I am not good into interior design but I want to learn how to do it so that my husband and I will design our home all the details that we have in our minds.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

school and hubby

Mika is already excited to mingle with her new teacher and classmates. Done with everything! Already bought back pack for her, school shoes and rubber shoes including also socks, shirts uniforms and skirts. I love the Hello Kitty school shoes and rubber shoes for her, they are adorable. I hope and pray na yung attitude niya dito sa bahay hindi niya dalahin sa school, ang kulit kasi eh. Parents orientation will be on June 6 and classes will start on June 7.

Mika's school bag

Mika's school shoes & rubber shoes

Hubby and I talked thru skype again last week, I was relieved. I was worried kasi, ang tagal niyang hindi nag-online. 3 week sila naka-tambay sa Bahamas, usually kasi 1 week lang sila doon. He told me that he will arrive last week of June. Cannot wait to see, kiss ang hug him!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

sunless tanning booths

In our country, most of the tourists go to the beach. Most likely, they want to be tan under the sun. No more worries, there is no need for you to go to the beach just to be tanned. There are now sunless tanning booths that hydrates and transforms your skin in just minutes. If you do not want to use sunless tanning, you can do natural sunscreen. Artificial sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet light and prevents it from reaching the skin. Most sunless tanning products do not contain sunscreen, therefore, they do not provide any protection against ultraviolet rays when the person is outdoors. For more details, you can browse the internet, watch demos and locate a salon or spa near you

Saturday, May 19, 2012

mannigton laminate

Having a relaxing home is very nice and we should be comfortable also, not just the ambiance and surroundings but also the flooring that we are walking. Having laminate floors are extremely durable and attractive. They are scratch and stain resistant and ideally designed for areas with a high degree of foot traffic, especially by children and pets. This type of flooring is very easy to maintain and does not fade even in direct sunlight and it imitates the aspect of traditional wood and the biggest advantage of it is that they are very easy to install. You should choose mannigton laminate flooring because it emulates the elegance of porcelain tile and warmth of hardwood and it is easy to maintain. Laminate flooring is the cheapest floor compared with hardwood and bamboo.

personal background check

Right now, everywhere we are we cannot trust anyone. In our country, there are lots of maids that are for hire but we cannot tell if they are the right one for you because we do not know what is their family or past work background. Asides from maids, some hire investigators to check the personal background check of a certain person. In finding a job, the company that you are applying will conduct a personal background check on you if they will hire you or not. When it comes to hiring the right employee, what you don’t know CAN hurt you! In an online blog I read, it says that when you hire people, skills, qualifications, scores on administered tests--these should not be the end of the list you should prioritize. There is a growing list of employers who have suffered setbacks in projects and have lost office equipment due to deceptive employees. Hiring a wrong person for the job is one thing, but to pose danger to your staff and your office, especially when your work involves your very own family, is completely another. A background check is important.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

custom name tags

Name tags have different uses. Asides using it in work to identify yourself, It can also be use as a tag in a luggage when you check-in in an airport to travel. There are millions of people traveling through airports each day, and many of them will have the same color and size of checked luggage as you. Better purchase your own name tag for your luggage so that you know which is yours to prevent confusion. Well, as for me I made a customized name tag and also for my husband too. These custom name tags designs and creates high quality name tags in all sizes and styles. From stock to custom, from classic to reusable, and from blank to full color, they know how to help you select the perfect name tag. It is easy and fast when you order name tags

yakima bike rack

Having a bicycle is fun. It is not easy to learn how to use it, like me. I remembered before that I always fell down every time I practice but I made it. A bicycle is difficult to carry whenever you go camping or go out with friends in a far place and a bike rack is the one that will solve the problem. Bike racks provide a means of carrying a bike on your vehicles roof, trunk, spare tire, pick-up bed, or hitch. Buy the yakima bike rack, it completes your outdoor lifestyle and they are great fit for your car too. I cannot wait to tell my husband about this bike rack, I am sure he will love it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Casablanca ceiling fans

We have fans around the house, stand fans, box fan and a ceiling fan. Here in our country, it is very hot. I have a 4 months old baby but the stand fan that I have in the room will not reach her in the crib. That is why I am planning to buya a new ceiling fan. They say Casablanca ceiling fans are good. Fans never actually cool air, unlike air-conditioning equipment, but use significantly less power. Unlike air conditioners, fans only move air—they do not directly change its temperature. Did you know that the first ceiling fans appeared in the early 1860s and 1870s, in the United States. At that time, they were not powered by any form of electric motor. Instead, a stream of running water was used, in conjunction with a turbine, to drive a system of belts which would turn the blades of two-blade fan units.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

new addition

Our new addition to our family, baby Calvin "Migo" Miguel!

Friday, April 20, 2012

mika at 4

Last April 18 was Mika's 4th bithday. There is no party, I just ordered birthday cake for her so that she can blow the candle. I was surprised when my mom told me that we will be having a small gathering (on Mika's birthday) with relatives at my cousin's house because my uncles and aunties arrived from Cebu and Canada. Mika was very happy with her cake that I ordered but I didn't pay for it because it was a gift for her (the wife of Mika's ninong made the cake.)

Hello Kitty cake that I ordered...

The food...

Monday, April 16, 2012

31st bday

Last thursday was the birthday of my brother's 31st (2nd after me). His mother-in-law called us and invited us for dinner at a restaurant but my sis-in-law said that my brother has cough and fever, that is why the dinner was celebrated at their home (in-laws of my brother). Will share photos below:

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Howard medical computer carts

In a hospital, improving patient care is the number one priority, which is why you find the product development that focuses on providing caregiver workflow advantages and improving the integration and acceptance of technology into the patient care process. Like for instance, a medical computer cart. Howard medical computer carts are the right product that you are looking for. Using the right tools increases employee productivity and efficiency. This is true in almost all facets of work, now more than ever, including hospitals. Their designs are to be ergonomic, lightweight and customizable. Lightweight in the sense that they can be transferred from one place to another without much trouble. No need to carry it to one place, you just need to push with style.

partnership rings

Partnership rings is one of the most precious gifts which are presented to prospective bride and groom. It is also called as promise ring because it signify a pledge to sexual abstinence until married. Partnership rings are rings given by each other as partners that is into a relationship or commitment. It is also a symbol of mutual understanding between two persons, and it symbolizes security, understanding and loyalty. Anyone can wear these rings, either you are of the same gender as partners or even married couples can wear them. If you are planning to get a pair of partnership rings, it is better that your names be carved. Online, you can browse different designs and you can also customized your own. Contemporary rings for civil partnerships, weddings, civil ceremony all at affordable prices. They also offer a fantastic selection of handmade partnership rings with styles to suit all tastes, from the unusual texture of our reticulated rings to the sleek polished style of our inwards & outwards spiky rings.

Friday, April 06, 2012

garage tile flooring

Do you have a garage? Need to have it makeover? With a click of the mouse, you can find online the accessories that you need if you want your garage to look brand new. You can design your garage whatever you want, make it your automotive repair shop or just plain garage where you store your car and tools for that you need. If you want to protect the integrity and look of your garage floor, then you have to consider garage flooring of some kind. Online, they offers many solutions including garage floor mats, garage tile flooring, garage floor protectors, and many more. Garage floor tiles are easy to install and easy to remove can be installed in no time with no previous experience necessary, little or no surface preparation, messy adhesives or hours and hours of your time. If you move, you can take them with you. You can make different patterns in your garage or patio by choosing from as many as ten different colors.

vision insurance

I did not know that there is an insurance when it comes to vision and dental, all I know that it is only available to health or school purposes. Online, you will see dental and vision insurance offered especially for families. They have benefits like discounts, wide range of coverage options to fit most any budget, no waiting periods for diagnostic & preventative procedures, no waiting periods on major services with some plans, compare plans with the simple click of the mouse, many more. There is a big advantage if you enroll online, one testimonial said that the enrollment process was simple and only took a few minutes. She received her confirmation email with a link to her policy ID cards almost immediately and she have everything she needs to begin using her policy on her effective date. Take note that before you get any insurance, compare first and investigate if it is not fake.

trash pumps

Here in our country, everywhere you go there are road widening near our place and even downtown areas. Constructing roads is not that easy, there is a process and I think they need to issue permit from the government. If there is road under construction, they will excavate the soil and one of many equipment that they will use is trash pump. Trash pumps are designed to pump large amounts of water that contains hard and soft solids such as mud, leaves, twigs, sand, and sludge. However, semi-trash pumps have smaller opening and they are not designed to handle large solids or high concentrations of solids. Trash pumps are available with a variety of features and one of them is that the adjustable speed pumps can operate at speeds selected by an operator while continuous duty pumps maintain performance specifications at 100% duty cycle. Adjustable speed pumps can operate at speeds selected by an operator while continuous duty pumps maintain performance specifications at 100% duty cycle like agriculture, construction, mining, flood control, many more.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

nursing uniforms

My brother is working as OR nurse in a hospital and mostly my friends are nurses too. In a certain work area, you have different duties. There is Pediatrics, Operating Room, Deliver Room, many more. What I have noticed when I gave birth to my 2nd child, not all nurses have the same nursing uniforms. Every department have different color of their scrubs. The first nurse uniforms were derived from the nun's habit. Historically, a typical nurse uniform consisted of a dress, pinafore apron and nurse's cap. In some hospitals, however, student nurses also wore a nursing pin, or the pinafore apron may have been replaced by a cobbler style apron. This type of nurse's dress continues to be worn in many countries.

3 months more

I am so HAPPY because 3 months more to go, hubby will be home. Pagdating niya, we will plan baby Raine's dedication. And also, I can't wait for my Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphone and also he told me that he will buy a designer's bag too. Ano kayang designer brand ang maganda? XOXO, Blueberry, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Victoria Secret, etc. What do you think?

Happy family...


I am not really good when it comes to medical terms so I search more online for details. Cautery is an agent or instrument used to destroy tissue by burning, searing, cutting, or scarring, including caustic substances, electric currents, and lasers and it is the use of heat, electricity or chemicals to destroy tissue. Cautery was historically believed to prevent infection, but current research shows that cautery actually increases the risk for infection by causing more tissue damage and providing a more hospitable environment for bacterial growth. Cauterization was used to stop heavy bleeding, especially during amputations.

Friday, March 30, 2012

audio and web conferencing

Having a family is not easy because you will have a big responsibilities. Having responsibilities need sacrifices too in terms of financial stability. Like for me, before I got married my husband worked abroad to sustain us financially. It is hard to find communication especially if my husband is budgeting his money for important and emergency cases only. At present, we can now communicate using the internet even though he is far away from us. My husband's sister is also working abroad and sometimes we do communicate using audio and web conferencing. In businesses and companies, audio and web conferencing is a big yes especially if their clients are from different countries. They can have meetings using only the internet. It is good to have a great technology now a days because it can help connect people and love ones.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

lawn gnome

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, foliage, or overall appearance; useful plants, such as root vegetables, leaf vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are grown for consumption, for use as dyes, or for medicinal or cosmetic use. Gardening may be performed at a professional level, a hobby, or for therapeutic reasons. There is a wide range of accessories available in the market to exercise their creativity. One decoration is a lawn gnome. Choose the widest variety of gnomes available for a very low prices. You can choose from a traditional garden gnomes, NFL gnomes, NCAA gnomes, NBA gnomes and many more.

switchplate covers

Having a nice and relaxing home is wonderful. If you have skills of decorating your home, it is better if you design it yourself. Decorating and interior designing is a hug passion to others. They are perusing magazines, books, watching HGTV and touring design homes is what they like to do to get ideas on how to decorate. Having a unique design is very nice decorative idea just like switchplate covers because you can blend them as to what the color or design of your wall that wall, mix and match they say. Creative designing of switchplate covers help boost company sales but the important is the quality of materials used. If you purchase one, choose switchplates for even more variety of styles and designs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 months

My daughter just turned 3 months old...

petsmart coupons

Are you a pet lover? We do all love pets, I do too. Pets are good for your health, apparently. Unlike relationships with human family members, which can sometimes be difficult and a source of stress, owning a pet can significantly improve overall health and reduce risk of disease. That is why you should love your pet as well as you love yourself because they are man's best friend. For all of you pet needs, petsmart offers the best pet supplies, services, and expertise to help you care for your pet. Petsmart coupons are great come-on for pet lovers to purchase from the store. To get big discounts on you purchases, you should have petsmart coupons. You can get you coupon codes, printable coupons and discount codes online.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

stem casters

A stem caster is a small wheel on a mount that allows it to turn in all directions, attached under the corners of furniture and other heavy objects to make them easier to move. Use it on food service carts, ladders, hospital beds, heavy chairs, cabinets and many more. It is easy to use and will protect from scratching floor. There are different shapes of stem casters like straight, square, octagon or ring type. There is also a stainless stem caster that is ideal for use in wet or corrosive environment and its feature is the caster bracket is made of stamped stainless steel. Choose from hundreds of colors, sizes and styles at a very low price.

kaufmann fabric

Just last two weeks ago I already had our 54x75 bed (including 2 mattresses and a side table) and I was thinking of having our 2 sofa in the living room be upholstered. I already asked the owner of the furniture shop and they gave me an idea on what to use and how much will it cost. He mentioned a branded fabric but I do not know if it is okay, so I searched the internet for more information. Maybe I will try kaufmann fabric because they have the best wholesale quality of fabrics and they are affordable also. They have unique conversational designer prints and plaids all working together for a sophisticated and whimsical look. They also have fabrics not only for upholstery, they also have slipcover, drapery, or home decorating projects to choose from and their collections are perfect for duvet covers, bed skirts, pillows and pillow shams and many more. I cannot wait to see their collections. I hope they have Hello Kitty collections too because I am a fan, hehe...

Monday, March 19, 2012


Myoripped is formulated especially for men, burns fat while building muscle, ultimate testosterone booster. There are lots of good comments when they took this booster and they said that it is a miracle for them. Myoripped guarantees that no matter who you are, no matter what your goals, you will be able to melt away fat and define healthy muscle with a powerful and innovative muscle. There is no question that with the intense myoripped blend, every user will achieve fat scorching, muscle defining results. Coupled with increased focus to maximize your workout, increase energy, strength, power, enhance sex drive and more. All with cutting edge science and only the best approach.

pay per install

It is my first time to encounter about pay per install and I do not know how to start with, that is why I browse online for more information. What I have learned is that pay per install has existed for years. When this business first started, it was used to distribute advertisements. Today it is mainly used to spread spyware pay per install starts with an "affiliate” interested in building a network of infected computers or earning money. The affiliate signs up to a pay per install site and receives a file from the pay per install provider. The pay per install-provided files were originally a variant of adware program. The affiliate “binds” the pay per install-provided file with another program that they might host on their site.

side effects of weight loss pills

In business, we do not know if the product that they sell is effective or not especially in weight loss pills. Many are busy at work or school, not time for exercise. That is why their option is to drink weight loss pills, effective and fastest way to loss weight. I read online that it is important to know the dangers of weight loss pills and its side effects. One of the dangers of diet pills that inhibit the absorption of fats are gastrointestinal side effects, such as, oily spotting, flatus with discharge, fecal urgency, fatty/oily stool, oily evacuation, increased defecation, and fecal incontinence. Other gastrointestinal weight loss pill side effects may include: abdominal pain, nausea, infectious diarrhea, and rectal pain. Knowing the side effects of weight loss pills will educates us more and we can share it to others too to prevent from getting sick. Since there are often unwanted side effects associated with most of the prescribed weight loss medications, many people are turning to alternative therapies for treatment.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Metal Storage Cabinets

Do you have problems organizing things? No worries, there is a solution. There is this website that I read and they can help you with your problems especially in your garage or office. Clear away clutter and take a pride in your garage, workshop or office with their top quality metal storage cabinets, workbenches and modular cabinet systems. Choose a huge range of cabinets and workbenches in a color of your choice. Clear away clutter and store everything out of sight. You can choose individual cabinets or a complete system with wall units and integrated worktops. They have solid industrial-strength workbenches and cabinets that look great and will withstand years of hard use. If you purchase items from them, they have free delivery.

Hello Kitty Cravings

Finally, my Hello Kitty orders arrived already! So Hello Kitty!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

rheem pool heater

I am dreaming to have my own house. Not just an ordinary house but a house that is simple and have everything inside inside, name it you have it. For example, complete kitchen set, dining set, living room set, bed room and of course my own swimming pool and spa. That is what every women is dreaming of, a simple but relaxing place to stay with especially in my favorite place the pool and spa. To be able to have a durable and lasting pool and spa, it should have also the best quality of equipment used like the rheem pool heater. They provide year-round comfort for your pool or spa and every style have its own unique design that has been tested and certified by their research and development facility. If you purchase a rheem pool heater with them, they have warranty services in case something goes wrong with your product and with just a call they will surely have customer assistant that will take your call 24/7,

Friday, March 09, 2012

our new bed

Finally, our new bed is done. Still waiting for it to be delivered and I am excited about it. I only paid like $453 for a 54x75 box typed bed w/ headboard & mattress, a small side table and a 30x75 mattress for our double-deck. It is cheaper compared buying at the mall.

Monday, February 27, 2012


  • Last Thursday and Friday, I had the chance to talk to hubby thru Skype before they left for Louisiana. He's happy to see Mika, Raine, and me.

  • Yesterday was Edsa Revolution anniversary and it's baby Raine's 2nd monthsary and my brother's birthday (whose in Singapore working in Star Cruise Virgo). I made him a birthday card and he likes it's, hehe...

  • Hubby and I decided na magpa-gawa kami ng bed namin kasi yung bed dito (where my 2 brothers stayed before) had 1 single bed and 1 double deck. Mika will sleep sa double deck bed below then kami ni hubby at Raine sa new bed. Nag-bigay ng update yung furniture na pinagawaan naman and baka by next week tapos na.

Monday, February 20, 2012

box-type bed

Good day! Thanks to all who visited and commented on my previous entries, it's an honor. Since hubby left for work abroad, we've talked a lot about having our own bed. He let me canvass in different stores in the department stores. But as what I have told him, he said it's too expensive. Well, good thing was that somebody added me as his friend in Facebook (a furniture shop). He's actually a schoolmate of mine back in my high school days. So, I browsed his photo samples of his work and it's very nice. They are not that "high class" and expensive furniture shop, they are simple people with simple designs but unique. I asked him if how much do it cost for me to make a new bed and to my surprise, it's really cheap compared to department stores. I already made my down payment and the balance will be paid after the bed is done. Cannot wait to see the finished product. Will post an entry here when the bed arrives. Have a blessed Monday to all and God bless!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pre-heart's day

It's very hard for us to be apart especially to our daughters. Lahat naman kelangan merong sacrifices and this is also for us, lalo na sa kinabukasan ng mga anak namin. Before Valentine's Day (monday @ 12mn, their time), hubby woke up to talk to me kasi malakas ang signal. They are now sailing through Mississippi River, go to Bahamas. I hope there will be a wifi connection when they get to Bahamas.

As you remembered on my previous entry about hubby, bought Blackberry Playbook...Guess what??? He sold it to his co-worker and bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inches. Here's a photo of him below using the tab:

using his new Samsung Galaxy Tab

Sunday, February 12, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston


Thursday, February 09, 2012

hubby time

took a photo of baby Raine for hubby to see how big she is right now...

Good evening to all! Yesterday, had a chance to talk to hubby twice while they were still sailing (passing Mississippi River). Been talking more about Mika, going to school this school year. Mika will enroll in my Alma mater, Davao Christian High School (Nursery 1).

hubby woke me up thru txt that he's online

hubby's online again after their bunkering and it's almost 3am (their time)