Saturday, September 27, 2008

Acne Cures

Acne is a clogged pores that develop into whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and pimples. They usually starts between the ages of eleven to eighteen, regardless of race. I have a friend who is conscious about her face because she has acne. She tried different soap, liquid and other treatment solution but it would not work. Everytime I see her at church, her face is getting smoother. I do not know what soap or solution she used but it works. Some acne come and go, now you see them now you don't. There are lots of acne cures at the pharmacies but it is import that we consult to dermatologist first before we solve that kind of problem. It is better to be safe than complain at the end.


For me, I do not have any passport yet. Will get one if I travel with my husband. Passport is an important document issued by a national government when you travel to different countries. On it, you can see your name, address, picture, date of issue, etc. Before, it is hard to get passports and visas. Right now, we can apply personally or though online services. If we are in a rush, we can get a passport within 24 hours. That is what technology can do. We must be careful not to get fake passport because there are agencies that can copy the original one, it is better that we got to the accredited agencies that issue these documents.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Video Card

The video card is considered as one of the critical parts of a laptop or personal computer as the quality of the video output is determined by the quality and capacity of the video card. If you are a graphics-conscious computer user, you tend to prefer video card brands that enhances the pixel quality it generates so as to enable you to better edit existing image files or come up with graphics that can only be complimented with a good hardware. For these graphics-conscious individuals, video cards with a 1gb minimum capacity and carrying the brand name of "Radeon" are highly preferred. This is as perceived by the writher, based on our current setting here in Davao City.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Garden Decor

I like flowers especially their different colors but I am not that person that really loves gardening, my mother does. Actually, we have a little garden in our house and it is not that beautiful because it is just very simple. My mother kinda like orchids because back then when my she is still teenager, her mother also like orchids. Gardening is not really for me but I am willing to learn what my mother learned from her mother. If ever I will have my own garden, I will make it beautiful and neat. Adding decors to your garden allows your personality and style to shine like putting bird house, fountain, step stones, and many more. Also, you can accent all of your garden decor with a garden lighting system or a beautiful decorative flower pots.