Thursday, June 29, 2006

it's hard, sobra

well, how do i begin? let me think...hhhmmm...yeah, her goes nothing.

at work, daming pinagawa sakin. biruin mo 36 pages ang gipa-scan sakin then after scan isa-isa ko gi-transfer sa word tapos gi-email ko. may gosh, what a waste of time! bakit waste of time??? kasi po in the end, ipapa-mail na lng pala sa manila thru cebu pacific. wala na tayong magawa, andyan na yan eh. kaya what i did was i'm trying to edit my blogsite while working, hahaha...TNT lng nga ako sa pag-edit kasi nasa harapan ang isang boss ko na gumagamit din ng computer. drama-effect ang beauty ko, hahaha...

speaking of blogsite ...Lin, hindi ko talaga makuha-kuha yung gi-email mo sakin. i tried my best to edit them one by one pero naiinis nako kasi sobrang hirap talaga, as in. haaayyy, ok lng sana kung expert ako sa mga ganyan. although, i can learn naman if somebody will help me step by step. i know what you've been thinkin, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

lovely, rainy day

as days passed by, the weather is changing. in the afternoon it's very hot then in the evening it's raining so hard that's why many people got sick. well, we can't predict the weather, only God knows. sometimes people blame God for the tragedies that happened but they didn't know that the poeple who don't care about the cleanliness & nature did these things. sometimes we just don't learn all these things that's why we have accidents & tragedies.

last night, on a rainy night, me & my former officemates went to Manny's birthday (former officemate). i think that party includes his despidida because he will work in Yemen soon, huhuhu...well that's life, we really need sacrifices. like me and my husband, far from each other. kelangan eh kasi mas malaki ang sahod dun compared dito. para naman sa future namin yung ginagawa nya eh, diba? well, enough of the loneliness & sadness. it's time to focus on our own lives, works and especially focus on God.

for me here at work, i'm not that busy. i'm just loving my work, no hastle and all. so peaceful and quiet but very cold because the office is airconditioned. right now while typing this blog, my hands are freezing and very cold. i'm just glad that i brought my maong "blazer type" jacket and take note, i'm getting sleepy also because it's so cold.

last monday i went to the parlor, got a haircut and a pedicure. nothing, just want to look different and clean, hehehe...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i miss coco

I miss Coco who's now in San Jose California.

w/ Dennes & Coco during Amigoas & Fwendz Great EB

w/ Dennes, KR, Coco & Winker Amigoas & Fwendz Great EB

Saturday, June 17, 2006

for a friend - yang2x

again, just want to share this pic that i edited for my amigoas friend Yang2x.she's so pretty and adorable like me. hehehe...

thanks for being so good to me & stay pretty always, like me again. toinkz! syempre, what are friends are for diba?

God bless!

Friday, June 16, 2006

my online friend, Lin

i made this postcard to my ever first online friend Lin. she's very kind and sweet to me that we talk and chat a lot for the past few years. now that we are busy with work/school, we still communicate thru blogs, email and chat. your friendship will always be treasured, forever.

God bless & love you siz!

super kilig

just want to share you na maganda pala yung soap opera na Sa Piling Mo by Juday & Piolo! grabe, sobrang kilig kaming lahat sa bahay! and guess what, pati sa church kagabi after our fellowship yan agad ang aming inaabangan.

haaay, so kilig super! para bang ako si juday dun sa teleserye. weeeee...

well, got to go now. chikka to you soon!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Latest update - June 8, 2006

It's been 4 months after my wedding and i thank God for the blessings that HE gave us and to my families.

Firstly, my brother Bernard finally made it to the Cruise Ship last April 2006. Completing all his requirements was very difficult but he never lose hope and faith including us his family. We were there for him praying ang guiding him every interview and exams he made and we thank God for the answered prayers.

Secondly, my husband Sherwin finally went back to work after all the trainings and exams that he took. It's been almost one month since he left and I really miss him a lot but it's ok because we still communicate through email, text messaging ang calls.

Finally, after almost two years of job hunting, I finally got one. Thanks to mu Amigoas friend Coco who recommended me for the job.

Please continue to pray for our family, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.
In HIS name, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Just believe and have faith, all will be given to you.

God bless to all!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday to my beloved husband, i really miss you a lot. it's just sad na wala ka d2 sa birthday mo pero that's ok, happy narin ako kc may communication tayo through email and text messaging.

can't wait to see yr, hehehe...

God bless & i love you very much baby! muwah! tsup! hugs!