Tuesday, April 16, 2013

fun chatting with hubby

It is almost 8 months since my hubby left for work abroad.  Thank God that there is technology because we can talk via Skype or Facebook.  As of today, I am now counting the days because he will arrive next month.  I wish that my youngest daughter will not cry whenever she sees him or carries him.  

baby Raine wants to chat with daddy, LOL...  ^_^

Friday, April 12, 2013

spandex table covers

Everytime we have parties at home or at work, we do a lot of effort on decorating. Sometimes we choose a personal theme in every occasion and will match all the decors. When it comes to tables, before we use simple table cover. Taking the table design to an even higher level, there are spandex table covers that we can use and they transform a unique fit and style. Spandex table covers are getting extremely popular as they are easy to wash and of course no ironing is required and they are very durable and long lasting. These machine washable table covers have serged seams and hemmed edges to prevent fraying and they can be used dozens of times. Spandex table covers give a refreshed modern look. They are versatile in their use, and they can be used from elegant parties to business conferences. Online, they carry a wide number of spandex table covers for various types and sizes of tables. For custom made, you can call their hotline for more details.