Saturday, January 24, 2009

Florwering Cherry

Sakura is the Japanese name of cherry trees and their blossoms. In English, the word "sakura" is the same as to a Japanese Flowering Cherry and their blossoms are commonly called cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms can also be found in the Philippines, Canada, United States and Germany. Discover Flowering Cherry trees that gives you longer lasting and more intense blooms. As I surf online, the popular flowering cherry trees are the Okame Pink Flowering Cherry Tree that has a v-shaped look and a redish-brown bark. Fragrant pink flowers open in the spring, leaves are bronze red in fall. It grows to 4o feet and hardy to minus 20 degrees.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Area Rugs

Giving your home decor an update can be as simple as adding a new are rugs. You can find modern flooring including area rugs, tiles and many more online. Online shopping for area rugs will reveal that all rugs are separated into style categories. This helps with your search, as well as helping you identify a coordinating style for your home. There are different kind of rugs that you can choose from, there are different designs and some are customized. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase now!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


musta sa lahat? for the meantime, dito muna ako mag-blog while down ang ko. yung host ko kasi naglipat ng new server, kaya pasencya na kayo. yang photo sa left was taken the other day, mga cousins ni hubby from Australia. natutuwa sila kay baby Mika kasi pretty and cute daw siya lalo na yung dimples niya, sa left and right pa. yesterday, galing kami sa tita ni hubby kasi nag-invite ng dinner. super na-enjoy talaga sila kay Mika, tawag nga sa kanya "Sherwina" kasi kamukha ni Sherwin. hehehe...dami ng alam ni Mika, marunong na siya mag-clap, mag bye2x at kanta. =D sana nga lang makalakad na siya anytime soon pati salita din, excited na ako.

next week na birthday ko, mag-30 years old na ako. my gosh, ayaw ko pang tumanda., ganun talaga ang buhay, tatanda talaga tayo. mag 3 years narin kami ni hubby sa jan.20, time flies so fast. si hubby sa may pa uuwi, 4 months na lang.

well, nothing much to update. will just update as soon as i cand, alright? happy weekend, ingat and God bless! =]