Friday, January 25, 2013

Chloe's 6th Birthday

To those who followed my entries for the past 10 years, who remembered the name "CHLOE"? Well, before I gave birth to Mika, I am blogging more about my niece Chloe (year 2003). Yesterday, she just turned 6 years old. We were invited at their house for dinner with some of their relatives. Time flies so fast!

Friday, January 11, 2013

attendance software

All employees are required to have an attendance when your going-in and going-out at work.  Before when I worked in a hotel, school and construction, we use attendance card to sign-in and out.  Every year there are new technology that came out and one of this is the attendance software. In this new technology, the attendance software is easy and fast. time and attendance tracking software makes it easy to manage schedules with the click of a mouse. Online, they offer a wide range of accessories that work with the employee attendance software to enhance your employee scheduling, recordkeeping and scheduling process. In an article I read, time attendance software is one of the simplest, powerful way of controlling costs related to wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance processed. Biometrics technology is now widely accepted worldwide as the only means available for verification/authentication of an individual's identity – be it fingerprints, face or palm.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Day

We had such fun during Christmas day with my family and relatives (mother side) and it was also the 1st birthday of my youngest daughter, RAINE! Well, she had lots of gifts including my eldest daughter MIKA. =) 

diptyque sale

Before the invention of electric lighting, candles and oil lamps were commonly used for illumination. In areas without electricity, they are still used routinely. Candles can be used anywhere or occasionally. It can be use in all saints day, weddings, and many more. It can also be use in massage parlors, especially the scented candles. Scented candles are used in aromatherapy and have a calming effect. It is known that stress is a factor in many diseases so the calming properties of some scents can be good for a person’s health. Just the glow of the candle is comforting and along with its warmth creates a cozy atmosphere. In an article I read that for over 50 years, legendary French perfumer diptyque has perfected the art of making scented candles. Passionate about re-creating scents from their exotic travels and childhood memories, diptyque fragrances capture the essences of green figs, orange blossoms, tuberose petals and black currant leaves, to name but a few. These holiday season, some offered diptyque sale. This year, they have limited-edition holiday collection, inspired by the fragrant journey to the heart of the Orient and the tales of the Arabian Nights.  

with college friends

Last Friday, I was with my college friends. One of my friend arrived from Indonesia, she's married to his Muslim husband. Good thing she's here for the Holidays. At first, we had dinner at Sito's Grill. We just had chicken bbq, pork bbq, grilled pork chop and calamares. After that, we decided to go to Mana Davao. Mana Davao is one of the most anticipated, most flocked, and a must-see Christmas attraction in the city of Davao. Every year, they have different displays and they put lights on it. It's just along the highway where vehicles are passing by, that is why it causes a heavy traffic at night.

cheap business card printing

Business card is important especially when you meet people when it comes business works. I have a cousin that makes business cards and in 1997, they became the country's first full digital color laser printing service. Today, they have already earned an excellent reputation in providing customers a high quality solution for their printed needs. They specializes in high quality full color prints from quick printing of business cards, letterheads, memo Pads, invitations, and many more to custom printing on giveaway items - t-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, party tokens, key holders or on items where you can have you name or logo printed on. Well, you can get cheap business card printing online. You can also design your own business cards online, for free. When you make your own business card and made mistakes, you can start from scratch or you can use one of the thousands of free business card templates online. Design your custom business cards to fit your style